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Services Provided:
Realistic as well as Stylistic Visuals
VR storytelling
CAD drawings

Ritayan offers a comprehensive range of services in architecture, digital arts, and visual design, driven by his diverse background and collaboration with multidisciplinary experts. His innovative approach and advanced skills ensure the delivery of inspiring and impactful concepts and convincing presentations tailored to the client`s vision.

Services Offered:

  • Concept Design:

    • Crafting unique and visionary designs for various projects, including gastronomy, hotels, residential apartments, furniture designs, cruise ship interiors, showrooms, digital gallery spaces and brand architecture.

  • VR Visualization for architecture, products and art:

    • Providing immersive virtual reality presentations that bring architectural and artistic concepts to life, allowing clients to experience designs in a realistic and engaging manner.

  • Real-Time Architectural Simulation/Storytelling:

    • Developing real-time simulations and storytelling techniques to showcase architectural projects dynamically and interactively.


  • 3D Modeling:

    • Creating detailed and accurate 3D models for architectural and design projects, enhancing not only visualization, but can also be implemented in detailed planning process and aiding in the development process.

  • 2D Architectural Drawings (according to German construction phases LPH 1-5):

    • Producing precise 2D drawings for all phases of architectural planning and design, ensuring clear communication and efficient project execution.

  • Metaverse space design for brands/artists representation:

    • Transform your brand or artistic vision into an immersive digital experience with Metaverse Space Design services. I offer innovative and tailored solutions to create stunning virtual environments that captivate audiences and elevate your digital presence.

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