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VR storytelling
VR storytelling

A perception shaped by diverse contexts and an inspired zeal for architecture, digital and visual arts attained from the many motivated and multidisciplinary professionals, Ritayan is an exciting professional to work with. The need to make the best use of his greymatter to produce inspiring concepts as well as the very diverse and able skillset to visualize and communicate the same to cater to a variety of perspectives.

He has undergone rigorous training and attained a broad but meticulous experience with many interdisciplinary studios like Mutabor, 3Deluxe, Albaker Architects, etc. He has extensive experience in concept design, VR archviz presentation, 3D modelling, 2D Architectural Drawings(LPH 1-5) and real-time architectural simulation/storytelling for various projects such as gastronomy, 5-star hotels, residential apartments, furniture designs, cruise ship interiors, showrooms and brand architecture.

He brings the entire cavalry of skills, enthusiasm, artistic aided with critical thinking and a self-driven constructive inspiration to the table to create, disseminate and at the same time learn and adapt from taking up new challenges. Ritayan’s energy is adds to the potential of any organization willing to realize it all the way to materialization.

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